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gnupg_import Failure

The return array consists of the following values: ( ย  [imported] => (int), ย  [unchanged] => (int), ย  [newuserids] => (int), ย  [newsubkeys] => (int), ย  [secretimported] => (int), ย  [secretunchanged] => (int), ย  [newsignatures] => (int), ย  [skippedkeys] => (int), ย  [fingerprint] => (string) ) When invalid content is passed, all values, even skippedkeys, is 0. The fingerprint value does not exist then.

If the directory .gnupg under the userโ€™s home directory cannot be created or cannot be written to, the import will fail, just like the comment above. ย It will not specify what the issue is however, it just will not import correctly.